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Definition of Suffer


  1. To feel, or endure, with pain, annoyance, etc.; to submit to with distress or grief; to undergo; as, to suffer pain of body, or grief of mind.
  2. To endure or undergo without sinking; to support; to sustain; to bear up under.
  3. To undergo; to be affected by; to sustain; to experience; as, most substances suffer a change when long exposed to air and moisture; to suffer loss or damage.
  4. To allow; to permit; not to forbid or hinder; to tolerate.
  5. To feel or undergo pain of body or mind; to bear what is inconvenient; as, we suffer from pain, sickness, or sorrow; we suffer with anxiety.
  6. To undergo punishment; specifically, to undergo the penalty of death.
  7. To be injured; to sustain loss or damage.
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Suffer Translations

suffer in Dutch is naar buiten brengen, dragen
suffer in French is souffrissons, souffrissent, souffrissez, souffris
suffer in German is Dulder, leiden, leiden, erdulde
suffer in Italian is soffrire, patire
suffer in Latin is laboro, perfero, sino
suffer in Portuguese is sofra
suffer in Spanish is sufrir, dolencia