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Definition of Owe


  1. To possess; to have, as the rightful owner; to own.
  2. To have or possess, as something derived or bestowed; to be obliged to ascribe (something to some source); to be indebted or obliged for; as, he owed his wealth to his father; he owed his victory to his lieutenants.
  3. Hence: To have or be under an obigation to restore, pay, or render (something) in return or compensation for something received; to be indebted in the sum of; as, the subject owes allegiance; the fortunate owe assistance to the unfortunate.
  4. To have an obligation to (some one) on account of something done or received; to be indebted to; as, to iwe the grocer for supplies, or a laborer for services.
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Owe Translations

owe in Afrikaans is skuld
owe in Danish is skylde
owe in Dutch is schuldig zijn, in de schuld staan
owe in Finnish is olla velkaa
owe in French is dois, devez
owe in German is schulden, schulde, schulden
owe in Italian is debitare
owe in Portuguese is deva
owe in Spanish is adeudar
owe in Swedish is vara skyldig