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Definition of Imitative


  1. Inclined to imitate, copy, or follow; imitating; exhibiting some of the qualities or characteristics of a pattern or model; dependent on example; not original; as, man is an imitative being; painting is an imitative art.
  2. Formed after a model, pattern, or original.
  3. Designed to imitate another species of animal, or a plant, or inanimate object, for some useful purpose, such as protection from enemies; having resamblance to something else; as, imitative colors; imitative habits; dendritic and mammillary forms of minerals are imitative.
  4. A verb expressive of imitation or resemblance.

Imitative Quotations

Being abroad makes you conscious of the whole imitative side of human behavior. The ape in man.
Mary McCarthy

An object imbued with intent - it has power, it's treasure, we're drawn to it. An object devoid of intent - it's random, it's imitative, it repels us. It's like a piece of junk mail to be thrown away.
John Hockenberry

Movies are extremely imitative of one another. Whatever works, people will try to do it.
Octavia E. Butler

But what is drama? Broadly speaking, it is whatever by imitative action rouses interest or gives pleasure.
George Pierce Baker

I remember when first, Stripes, and then Animal House came out - which I was really proud of, even though it was kind of loose and quite raucous - there were imitative movies that were not quite as good.
Ivan Reitman
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Imitative Translations

imitative in French is simili
imitative in Spanish is postizo
imitative in Swedish is efterliknande
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