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Definition of German


  1. Nearly related; closely akin.
  2. A native or one of the people of Germany.
  3. The German language.
  4. A round dance, often with a waltz movement, abounding in capriciosly involved figures.
  5. A social party at which the german is danced.
  6. Of or pertaining to Germany.

German Quotations

The difference between the Parthenon and the World Trade Center, between a French wine glass and a German beer mug, between Bach and John Philip Sousa, between Sophocles and Shakespeare, between a bicycle and a horse, though explicable by historical moment, necessity, and destiny, is before all a difference of imagination.
Guy Davenport

All dogs can become aggressive, but the difference between an aggressive Chihuahua and an aggressive pit bull is that the pit bull can do more damage. That's why it's important to make sure you are a hundred percent ready for the responsibility if you own a 'power' breed, like a pit bull, German shepherd, or Rottweiler.
Cesar Millan

By 'flat' I did not mean that the world is getting equal. I said that more people in more places can now compete, connect and collaborate with equal power and equal tools than ever before. That's why an Indian in Bangalore can take care of the office work of American doctors or read the X-rays of German hospitals.
Thomas Friedman

We were looking for a 'good shepherd', and instead we got a German shepherd.
Pope Benedict XVI

German accents and Hassidic accents aren't that romantic. They're more harsh. Although Hebrew, when spoken by certain people, sounds beautiful. There's this beautiful woman I know who speaks Hebrew, and when she speaks, it's so attractive. Maybe it's who's speaking it.
Janeane Garofalo
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German Translations

german in Afrikaans is Duitse taal, Duits, Duitser, Germaan
german in Danish is tysker, tysk
german in Dutch is Duits
german in Finnish is saksalainen
german in French is allemand, Allemande
german in German is deutsch, deutsche
german in Italian is tedesco
german in Swedish is tysk
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