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Definition of Formula


  1. A prescribed or set form; an established rule; a fixed or conventional method in which anything is to be done, arranged, or said.
  2. A written confession of faith; a formal statement of foctrines.
  3. A rule or principle expressed in algebraic language; as, the binominal formula.
  4. A prescription or recipe for the preparation of a medicinal compound.
  5. A symbolic expression (by means of letters, figures, etc.) of the constituents or constitution of a compound.

Formula Quotations

My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can.
Cary Grant

Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil. - J. Paul Getty
Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil.
J. Paul Getty

Every formula of every religion has in this age of reason, to submit to the acid test of reason and universal assent.
Mahatma Gandhi

The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.
Theodore Roosevelt

I don't have a magic formula for prioritizing the world's problems.
Bill Gates
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Formula Translations

formula in Danish is formel
formula in Dutch is formule
formula in French is formule
formula in German is Formel, Rezept, Formel, Schema
formula in Italian is formula, schema, ricetta
formula in Norwegian is oppskrift, formel
formula in Spanish is formula, esquema
formula in Swedish is recept, formel

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