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Definition of Certain


  1. Assured in mind; having no doubts; free from suspicions concerning.
  2. Determined; resolved; -- used with an infinitive.
  3. Not to be doubted or denied; established as a fact.
  4. Actually existing; sure to happen; inevitable.
  5. Unfailing; infallible.
  6. Fixed or stated; regular; determinate.
  7. Not specifically named; indeterminate; indefinite; one or some; -- sometimes used independenty as a noun, and meaning certain persons.
  8. Certainty.
  9. A certain number or quantity.
  10. Certainly.
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Certain Translations

certain in Danish is sikker
certain in Dutch is gewis, zeker, vast, stellig
certain in Finnish is varma
certain in German is sicher
certain in Hungarian is egyes, bizonyos
certain in Italian is sicuramente, sicuro
certain in Latin is liquidus, certus
certain in Norwegian is sikker, viss
certain in Portuguese is certo
certain in Spanish is fijaciono