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Definition of Adventure


  1. That which happens without design; chance; hazard; hap; hence, chance of danger or loss.
  2. Risk; danger; peril.
  3. The encountering of risks; hazardous and striking enterprise; a bold undertaking, in which hazards are to be encountered, and the issue is staked upon unforeseen events; a daring feat.
  4. A remarkable occurrence; a striking event; a stirring incident; as, the adventures of one's life.
  5. A mercantile or speculative enterprise of hazard; a venture; a shipment by a merchant on his own account.
  6. To risk, or hazard; jeopard; to venture.
  7. To venture upon; to run the risk of; to dare.
  8. To try the chance; to take the risk.
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Adventure Translations

adventure in Afrikaans is avontuur
adventure in Danish is eventyr
adventure in Dutch is avontuur, perikel, lotgeval
adventure in French is aventure
adventure in German is Abenteuer {n}
adventure in Norwegian is opplevelse, eventyr
adventure in Portuguese is aventura
adventure in Spanish is aventura