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Quotes by 'R' Authors

Author Profession
Richard Rolle Writer
Betty Rollin Journalist
Ed Rollins Businessman
Henry Rollins Musician
James Rollins Author
Kevin Rollins Businessman
Sonny Rollins Musician
Jules Romains Author
Joshua Roman Musician
Mark Romanek Director
Roman Romanenko Astronaut
Queen Marie of Romania Royalty
John Romaniello Author
Christy Romano Actress
Ray Romano Actor
Romario Athlete
Irma S. Rombauer Author
Sigmund Romberg Composer
Lil' Romeo Musician
Christina Romer Economist
Roy Romer Politician
Cesar Romero Actor
George A. Romero Director
John Romero Inventor
Ginni Rometty Businesswoman
Rebecca Romijn Actress
Erwin Rommel Soldier
Ann Romney Celebrity
George W. Romney Politician
Mitt Romney Politician
Tagg Romney Businessman
Tony Romo Athlete
Carlos P. Romulo Politician
Landon Ronald Composer
Ronaldinho Athlete
Cristiano Ronaldo Athlete
Saoirse Ronan Actress
Zhu Rongji Statesman
Dave Van Ronk Musician
Charlotte Ronson Designer
Jon Ronson Journalist
Mark Ronson Musician
Mick Ronson Musician
Linda Ronstadt Musician
Michael Rooker Actor
Andy Rooney Journalist
Art Rooney Businessman
Mickey Rooney Actor
Tom Rooney Politician
Wayne Rooney Athlete
John Roos Diplomat
Eleanor Roosevelt First Lady
Franklin D. Roosevelt President
James Roosevelt Politician
Theodore Roosevelt President
Elihu Root Lawyer
Stephen Root Actor
Waverley Lewis Root Journalist
Hugh Trevor-Roper Historian
Matt Roper Comedian
Ned Rorem Composer
Richard Rorty Philosopher
Nico Rosberg Driver
Amber Rose Model
Anika Noni Rose Actress
Axl Rose Musician
Billy Rose Entertainer
Caitlin Rose Musician
Charlie Rose Journalist
David Rose Musician
David S. Rose Businessman
Derrick Rose Athlete
Don Rose Entertainer
Emily Rose Actress
Ernestine Rose Activist
Judd Rose Journalist
Kevin Rose Businessman
Lela Rose Designer
Leonard Rose Musician
Pete Rose Athlete
Stuart Rose Businessman
Aby Rosen Businessman
Charles Rosen Musician
Hilary Rosen Businesswoman
Richard Rosen -
Michael Rosenbaum Actor
Alan Rosenberg Actor
Alfred Rosenberg Soldier
Ethel Rosenberg Criminal
Harold Rosenberg Writer
Isaac Rosenberg Poet
Joel C. Rosenberg Novelist
Joel Rosenberg Author
Julius Rosenberg Criminal
Melissa Rosenberg Writer
Roger Rosenblatt Journalist
Irene Rosenfeld Businesswoman
Justin Rosenstein Businessman
Dan Rosensweig Businessman
Jane Rosenthal Producer
Phil Rosenthal Journalist
Julius Rosenwald Businessman
Hrithik Roshan Actor
Hanna Rosin Author
Peter Roskam Politician
Hans Rosling Educator
Mackenzie Rosman Actress
Meg Rosoff Writer
Lukas Rosol Athlete
Adam Ross Novelist
Barney Ross Athlete
Betsy Ross Celebrity
Bob Ross Artist
Carne Ross Activist
Charlotte Ross Actress
Clifford Ross Artist
Dennis Ross Diplomat
Diana Ross Actress
Evan Ross Actor
Gary Ross Actor
Harold Ross Editor
Jeff Ross Comedian
Jonathan Ross Entertainer
Liberty Ross Model
Marion Ross Actor
Matt Ross Actor
Mike Ross Politician
Percy Ross Businessman
Rick Ross Celebrity
Robert Baldwin Ross Celebrity
Ronald Ross Scientist
Sanya Richards-Ross Athlete
Steve Ross Businessman
Tracee Ellis Ross Actress
Wilbur Ross Businessman
Gavin Rossdale Musician
Isabella Rossellini Actress
Roberto Rossellini Director
Christina Rossetti Poet
Dante Gabriel Rossetti Poet
Alexander Rossi Driver
Alice S. Rossi Activist
Bruno Rossi Scientist
Portia de Rossi Actress
Theo Rossi Actor
Valentino Rossi Athlete
Gioachino Rossini Composer
Judith Rossner Novelist
Renzo Rosso Businessman
Emmy Rossum Actress
Guido van Rossum Scientist
Yves Rossy Inventor
Edmond Rostand Poet
Jean Rostand Scientist
Leo Rosten Novelist
Michael Rostovtzeff Historian
Mstislav Rostropovich Musician
Joseph Rotblat Physicist
Andrea Roth Actress
Carol Roth Author
Cecilia Roth Actress
David Lee Roth Musician
Eli Roth Director
Eric Roth Writer
Mark Roth Scientist
Philip Roth Novelist
Tim Roth Actor
Veronica Roth Author
Murray Rothbard Economist
Stuart Rothenberg Editor
Keith Rothfus Politician
Patrick Rothfuss Writer
Will Rothhaar Actor
Mark Rothko Artist
James Rothman Scientist
Jacob Rothschild Businessman
Nathan Meyer Rothschild Businessman
Arnold Rothstein Businessman
Juliana Rotich Businesswoman
Georges Rouault Artist
Nouriel Roubini Economist
Jacques Roumain Writer
Mike Rounds Politician
Constance Rourke Author
Mickey Rourke Actor
James Rouse Businessman
Ronda Rousey Athlete
Edd Roush Athlete
Henri Rousseau Artist
Jean-Jacques Rousseau Philosopher
Dilma Rousseff Statesman
Brandon Routh Actor
Joseph Roux Clergyman
David Rouzer Politician
Karl Rove Politician
Charles Roven Producer
Carl T. Rowan Journalist
Kelly Rowan Actress
Charlie Rowe Actor
Mike Rowe Celebrity

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