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Quotes by 'M' Authors

Author Profession
Henry Markram Scientist
Hannah Marks Actress
Karl Marlantes Author
Bob Marley Musician
Damian Marley Musician
Ziggy Marley Musician
Sterling Marlin Athlete
Brit Marling Writer
Laura Marling Musician
Berenice Marlohe Actress
Christopher Marlowe Dramatist
Julia Marlowe Actress
Pauline Marois Politician
Marc Maron Entertainer
John Phillips Marquand Novelist
Richard Marquand Director
Jacques Marquette Clergyman
Gabriel Garcia Marquez Novelist
Juan Manuel Marquez Athlete
Don Marquis Poet
Andrew Marr Journalist
Johnny Marr Musician
Neville Marriner Musician
Steve Marriott Musician
Frederick Marryat Novelist
Bruno Mars Musician
Mick Mars Musician
Thomas Mars Musician
Branford Marsalis Musician
Wynton Marsalis Musician
Eddie Marsan Actor
James Marsden Actor
Jason Marsden Actor
Samuel Marsden Clergyman
Edward Marsh Editor
Mike Marsh Athlete
Alfred Marshall Economist
Amanda Marshall Musician
Burke Marshall Lawyer
Frank Marshall Director
Garry Marshall Actor
George C. Marshall Soldier
Herbert Marshall Actor
John Marshall Judge
Joshua Micah Marshall Politician
Neil Marshall Director
Penny Marshall Actress
Peter Marshall Clergyman
Rob Marshall Director
Thomas R. Marshall Vice President
Thurgood Marshall Judge
Thomas Marshburn Astronaut
James Marsters Actor
John Marston Poet
Ralph Marston Writer
William Moulton Marston Psychologist
Marta Athlete
Yann Martel Author
Michel Martelly Politician
Jose Marti Activist
Marcus Valerius Martial Poet
Agnes Martin Artist
Alvin Martin Athlete
Amy Jo Martin Author
Andrea Martin Actor
Anna Maxwell Martin Actress
Archer John Porter Martin Scientist
Billy Martin Businessman
Catherine Martin Designer
Chris Martin Musician
Dean Martin Actor
Demetri Martin Comedian
Don Martin Cartoonist
George Martin Producer
George R. R. Martin Author
Harvey Martin Athlete
Judith Martin Author
Kellie Martin Actress
Kenyon Martin Athlete
Luther Martin Politician
Lynn Martin Public Servant
Mary Martin Actress
Meaghan Jette Martin Actress
Millicent Martin Actress
Pamela Sue Martin Actress
Paul Martin Politician
Ricky Martin Musician
Robert Martin Politician
Ross Martin Actor
Stephen Martin Politician
Steve Martin Comedian
Theodore Martin Poet
Tony Martin Musician
Walter Martin Clergyman
Margo Martindale Actress
Wink Martindale Entertainer
Harriet Martineau Writer
James Martineau Philosopher
Angie Martinez Musician
Cliff Martinez Musician
J. R. Martinez Actor
Mel Martinez Politician
Natalie Martinez Actress
Olivier Martinez Actor
Pedro Martinez Athlete
Susana Martinez Politician
Max Martini Actor
A. P. Martinich Philosopher
Gracia Martore Businesswoman
Stephanie Martson Businesswoman
Henry Martyn Clergyman
Judy Martz Politician
Shigenori Maruyama Scientist
Andrew Marvell Writer
Lee Marvin Actor
Chico Marx Actor
Groucho Marx Comedian
Harpo Marx Comedian
Karl Marx Philosopher
Patricia Marx Writer
Richard Marx Musician
Roberto Burle Marx Environmentalist
Queen Mary Royalty
Princess Masako Royalty
Jan Masaryk Diplomat
Pietro Mascagni Composer
J Mascis Musician
John Masefield Poet
Hugh Masekela Musician
Aslan Maskhadov Politician
Tatiana Maslany Actress
Abraham Maslow Psychologist
James Maslow Actor
Andrew Mason Businessman
Dave Mason Musician
George Mason Statesman
Jackie Mason Comedian
John Mason Explorer
Marsha Mason Actress
Nick Mason Musician
Eric Massa Politician
Jules Massenet Composer
Natalie Massenet Businesswoman
Chandler Massey Actor
Gerald Massey Poet
Kyle Massey Actor
Vincent Massey Politician
Allan Massie -
Philip Massinger Poet
Chris Massoglia Actor
Pat Mastelotto Musician
Edgar Lee Masters Poet
William Masters Scientist
Danny Masterson Actor
Mary Stuart Masterson Actress
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Actress
Angeles Mastretta Author
Marcello Mastroianni Actor
Kurt Masur Musician
Richard Masur Actor
Mary Matalin Celebrity
Heather Matarazzo Actress
Kari Matchett Actress
Adolfo Lopez Mateos Statesman
Dietrich Mateschitz Businessman
Cotton Mather Theologian
Shaffi Mather Businessman
Jerry Mathers Actor
Kim Mathers Celebrity
Hans Matheson Actor
Richard Matheson Author
Tim Matheson Actor
Eddie Mathews Athlete
Harry Mathews Author
Christy Mathewson Athlete
Mireille Mathieu Musician
Johnny Mathis Musician
Samantha Mathis Actress
Cameron Mathison Actor
Henri Matisse Artist
Matisyahu Musician
Marlee Matlin Actress
Robert Matsui Politician
Yukihiro Matsumoto Scientist
Konosuke Matsushita Businessman
Kathy Mattea Musician
Drea De Matteo Actress
Niall Matter Actor
Walter Matthau Actor
Chris Matthews Journalist
Dave Matthews Musician
Jessie Matthews Actress
Peter Matthiessen Writer
Don Mattingly Athlete
Helena Mattsson Actress
Victor Mature Actor
Valentina Matviyenko Politician
Jessica Mauboy Musician
Gene Mauch Athlete
Francis Maude Politician

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