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Birthdays on March 20

Author Profession Birth Year
Sloane Stephens Athlete 1993
Fei Fei Sun Model 1989
Dean Geyer Musician 1986
Christy Romano Actress 1984
Freema Agyeman Actress 1979
Bianca Lawson Actress 1979
Chester Bennington Musician 1976
Jane March Actress 1973
Alex Kapranos Musician 1972
Emily Giffin Author 1972
A. J. Jacobs Journalist 1968
Marc Warren Actor 1967
David Thewlis Actor 1963
Stephen Sommers Director 1962
Mary Roach Author 1959
Steve McFadden Actor 1959
Spike Lee Director 1957
Chris Wedge Director 1957
John Grogan Author 1957
Theresa Russell Actress 1957
Catherine Ashton Politician 1956
Louis Sachar Author 1954
William Hurt Actor 1950
Bobby Orr Athlete 1948
Pat Riley Coach 1945
Tim Yeo Politician 1945
Pete Laney Politician 1943
Mary Ellen Mark Photographer 1940
Brian Mulroney Statesman 1939
Jerry Reed Musician 1937
Jeremy Larner Author 1937
Lois Lowry Writer 1937
Hal Linden Actor 1931
Fred Rogers Celebrity 1928
Carl Reiner Actor 1922
Pamela Harriman Celebrity 1920
Eric Rohmer Director 1920
Hugh MacLennan Author 1907
B. F. Skinner Psychologist 1904
Rene Coty Statesman 1882
Ernest Bramah Writer 1868
Jerome Myers Artist 1867
Frederick W. Taylor Scientist 1856
Charles William Eliot Educator 1834
Henrik Ibsen Poet 1828
Thomas Hewitt Key Writer 1799

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