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Quotes by 'T' Authors - Page 5

Author Profession
Temuera Morrison Actor
Tennessee Ernie Ford Musician
Tenzing Norgay Explorer
Tequan Richmond Actor
Terence Fisher Director
Terence Rattigan Dramatist
Terence Young Director
Teresa de Lauretis Author
Teresa Nielsen Hayden Writer
Teresa Wright Actress
Teresita Sy-Coson -
Terezinha Guilhermina Athlete
Teri Reeves Actress
Terrence McNally Playwright
Terri Apter Psychologist
Terri Clark Musician
Terri Sewell Politician
Terry Branstad Politician
Terry Brennan -
Terry Farrell Actress
Terry Fox Athlete
Terry Francona Coach
Terry Gou Businessman
Terry Josephson Businessman
Terry Kath Musician
Terry Kiser Actor
Terry Porter Coach
Terry Richardson Photographer
Terry Savage -
Terry Tempest Williams Author
Terry Vaughn Athlete
Terry Venables Athlete
Terry Waite Author
Tess Henley Musician
Tex Avery Cartoonist
Texas Battle Actor
Texas Guinan Businesswoman
Thaddeus Stevens Politician
Thales Philosopher
The Mighty Hannibal Musician
Thein Sein Politician
Thelma Drake Politician
Thelma Golden Educator
Thelma Houston Musician
Thelma Ritter Actress
Thelonious Monk Musician
Themistocles Soldier
Theo de Raadt Scientist
Theo Jansen Artist
Theo Von Comedian
Theocritus Poet
Theodor Reik Psychologist
Theodor Svedberg Scientist
Theodor W. Adorno Sociologist
Theodore Dalrymple Writer
Theodore Dreiser Novelist
Theodore Gericault Artist
Theodore Hesburgh Clergyman
Theodore Isaac Rubin Psychologist
Theodore J. Forstmann Businessman
Theodore Robinson Artist
Theodore Schultz Economist
Theodore William Richards Scientist
Theodosius Dobzhansky Scientist
Theophrastus Philosopher
Theresa Breslin Author
Theresa Russell Actress
Thérèse of Lisieux Saint
Thom Filicia Designer
Thomas A. Steitz Scientist
Thomas Arnold Educator
Thomas Berger Novelist
Thomas Bernhard Novelist
Thomas Blood Soldier
Thomas Bossert Lawyer
Thomas Bowdler Scientist
Thomas Brooks Politician
Thomas Campion Composer
Thomas Carper Economist
Thomas Clarkson Activist
Thomas Cochrane Politician
Thomas Cole Artist
Thomas Couture Artist
Thomas Day Author
Thomas Dewar Businessman
Thomas Dewey Politician
Thomas E. Donilon Public Servant
Thomas Eakins Artist
Thomas Edward Brown Poet
Thomas Erskine Theologian
Thomas F. Wilson Actor
Thomas Foran -
Thomas French Journalist
Thomas Gold Scientist
Thomas Gold Appleton Critic
Thomas Griffith Editor
Thomas Guthrie Clergyman
Thomas H. Cook Author
Thomas Harris Author
Thomas Haynes Bayly Writer
Thomas Hearns Athlete
Thomas Holcroft Dramatist
Thomas Hooker Celebrity
Thomas Horn Actor
Thomas Hoving Educator
Thomas Howard -
Thomas Howes Actor
Thomas Hughes Judge
Thomas Hunt Morgan Scientist
Thomas Ian Griffith Actor
Thomas J. Sargent Economist
Thomas J. Stanley Writer
Thomas John Barnardo Celebrity
Thomas Kaplan Businessman
Thomas Kean, Jr. Politician
Thomas Keating Clergyman
Thomas Ken Clergyman
Thomas Kretschmann Actor
Thomas Kuhn Writer
Thomas Kyd Dramatist
Thomas L. Smith Explorer
Thomas Langmann Actor
Thomas Ligotti Author
Thomas Love Peacock Author
Thomas Lynch Politician
Thomas Marshburn Astronaut
Thomas Massie Politician
Thomas McDonell Actor
Thomas Mellon Businessman
Thomas Middleton Poet
Thomas Monaghan Soldier
Thomas Muster Athlete
Thomas Nagel Philosopher
Thomas Nashe Writer
Thomas Nelson Page Writer
Thomas North Writer
Thomas O. Staggs Businessman
Thomas Otway Dramatist
Thomas Overbury Poet
Thomas Pogge Philosopher
Thomas R. Cech Scientist
Thomas R. Kelly Celebrity
Thomas R. Marshall Vice President
Thomas Reed Politician
Thomas Reid Philosopher
Thomas Rex Lee Judge
Thomas S. Foley Politician
Thomas Sankara Politician
Thomas Schlamme Director
Thomas Secker Clergyman
Thomas Shadwell Dramatist
Thomas Shepard Clergyman
Thomas Sprat Writer
Thomas Starr King Clergyman
Thomas Tusser Poet
Thomas Vernor Smith Philosopher
Thomas Vilsack Politician
Thomas Vinterberg Director
Thomas W. Higginson Clergyman
Thomas Watson, Jr. Businessman
Thomas Wentworth Higginson Theologian
Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford Statesman
Thomas Willis Scientist
Thora Birch Actress
Thora Hird Actress
Thorne Smith Writer
Thorsten Heins Businessman
Thulasiraj Ravilla Public Servant
Thurston Clarke Historian
Thuy Trang Actress
Thylias Moss Poet
Tiberius Statesman
Tibor Benedek Athlete
Tichina Arnold Actress
Tiffany Thornton Actress
Tiki Barber Athlete
Til Schweiger Director
Tillie Olsen Novelist
Tim Birkhead Scientist
Tim Bray Inventor
Tim Buckley Musician
Tim Federle Writer
Tim Fish Artist
Tim Flock Celebrity
Tim Gane Musician
Tim Holmes Artist
Tim Johnson Politician
Tim Leiweke Businessman
Tim Matheson Actor
Tim Minear Director
Tim Page Photographer
Tim Reid Actor
Tim Russert Journalist
Tim Salmon -
Tim Sample Comedian
Tim Seibles Poet
Tim Story Director
Tim Wakefield Athlete
Tim Walz Politician
Tim Yeo Politician