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Quotes by 'T' Authors

All 'T' authors

Author Profession
T-Pain Musician
T. B. Joshua Clergyman
T. C. Boyle Novelist
T. D. Jakes Clergyman
T. E. Lawrence Soldier
T. J. Miller Actor
T. S. Eliot Poet
T.I. Musician
Ta-Nehisi Coates Journalist
Tacitus Historian
Tadao Ando Architect
Taj Mahal Musician
Takashi Murakami Artist
Talib Kweli Musician
Tallulah Bankhead Actress
Tammy Duckworth -
Tara Brach Psychologist
Taraji P. Henson Actress
Taslima Nasrin Writer
Tatiana Maslany Actress
Tavi Gevinson Writer
Taylor Lautner Actor
Taylor Swift Musician
Tecumseh Leader
Ted Allen Entertainer
Ted Cruz Politician
Ted Deutch Politician
Ted Nugent Musician
Ted Turner Businessman
Teju Cole Writer
Temple Grandin Educator
Tena Desae Actress
Tennessee Williams Dramatist
Terence Writer
Teri Garr Actress
Terry Bradshaw Athlete
Terry Crews Actor
Terry McAuliffe Politician
Terry Pratchett Author
Terry Teachout Critic
Terry Wogan Entertainer
Tertullian Author
Thales Philosopher
Thalia Musician
The Notorious B.I.G. Musician
The Weeknd Musician
Theodor Adorno Philosopher
Theodor Herzl Journalist
Theodore Hesburgh Clergyman
Theodore Isaac Rubin Psychologist
Theodore Roethke Poet
Theodore Roosevelt President
Theophilus London Musician
Theresa May Politician
Theresa Rebeck Playwright
Thich Nhat Hanh Clergyman
Thierry Henry Athlete
Thom Tillis Politician
Thom Yorke Musician
Thomas a Kempis Clergyman
Thomas A. Edison Inventor
Thomas Aquinas Theologian
Thomas Babington Macaulay Poet
Thomas Becket Clergyman
Thomas Carlyle Philosopher
Thomas Dekker Dramatist
Thomas Dewar Businessman
Thomas Friedman Journalist
Thomas Fuller Clergyman
Thomas Gibson Actor
Thomas Gray Poet
Thomas Hardy Novelist
Thomas Hobbes Philosopher
Thomas Hood Poet
Thomas Huxley Scientist
Thomas J. Watson Businessman
Thomas Jefferson President
Thomas Keller Chef
Thomas Kinkade Artist
Thomas Malthus Economist
Thomas Mann Writer
Thomas Merton Author
Thomas Moore Poet
Thomas More Author
Thomas Paine Writer
Thomas Perez Politician
Thomas Rhett Musician
Thomas S. Monson Clergyman
Thomas Sowell Economist
Thomas Szasz Psychologist
Thomas Wolfe Novelist
Thornton Wilder Novelist
Thorstein Veblen Economist
Thucydides Historian
Thurgood Marshall Judge
Tia Mowry Actress
Tiger Woods Athlete
Tim Allen Comedian
Tim Berners-Lee Inventor
Tim Burton Director
Tim Conway Actor
Tim Cook Businessman
Tim Gunn Designer
Tim Howard Athlete
Tim Kaine Politician
Tim O'Brien Author
Tim Robbins Actor
Tim Roth Actor
Tim Tebow Athlete
Tim Vine Comedian
Tim Wise Activist
Timothy Ferriss Author
Timothy Leary Educator
Timothy Noah Journalist
Tina Brown Editor
Tina Fey Comedian
Tina Turner Musician
Tituss Burgess Actor
Todd Barry Comedian
Tom Baker Actor
Tom Brady Athlete
Tom Brokaw Journalist
Tom Clancy Novelist
Tom Cotton Politician
Tom Cruise Actor
Tom Douglas Chef
Tom Felton Actor
Tom Ford Designer
Tom Frieden Public Servant
Tom Hanks Actor
Tom Hardy Actor
Tom Hodgkinson Writer
Tom Holland Actor
Tom Jones Musician
Tom Landry Coach
Tom Lehrer Musician
Tom Peters Businessman
Tom Petty Musician
Tom Price Politician
Tom Robbins Author
Tom Selleck Actor
Tom Shadyac Comedian
Tom Shales Writer
Tom Stoppard Dramatist
Tom Waits Musician
Tom Watson Athlete
Tom Wilson Cartoonist
Tom Wolfe Journalist
Tommy Chong Actor
Tommy Cooper Comedian
Tommy Hilfiger Designer
Tommy Lasorda Coach
Tommy Lee Jones Actor
Tommy Shaw Musician
Tommy Wiseau Director
Toni Morrison Novelist
Tony Abbott Politician
Tony Bennett Musician
Tony Blair Statesman
Tony Campolo Clergyman
Tony Danza Actor
Tony Dungy Coach
Tony Hawk Athlete
Tony Kushner Playwright
Tony Robbins Author
Tony Romo Athlete
Tori Amos Musician
Tory Lanez Musician
Toussaint Louverture Leader
Tracee Ellis Ross Actress
Tracey Emin Artist
Tracy Chapman Musician
Tracy Morgan Actor
Travis Barker Musician
Travis Bradberry Author
Travis Kalanick Businessman
Travis Scott Musician
Trent Reznor Musician
Trevor Noah Comedian
Trey Anastasio Musician
Trey Parker Artist
Trey Songz Musician
Trisha Yearwood Musician
Trombone Shorty Musician
Truman Capote Novelist
Tryon Edwards Theologian
Tucker Carlson Journalist
Tullian Tchividjian Clergyman
Tupac Shakur Musician
Twiggy Model
Twinkle Khanna Businesswoman
Twyla Tharp Dancer
Ty Cobb Athlete
Ty Dolla Sign Musician
Tyler Cowen Economist
Tyler Joseph Musician
Tyler Perry Actor
Tyler, The Creator Musician
Tyra Banks Model
Tyson Fury Athlete