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Quotes by 'D' Authors - Page 4

Author Profession
David Hoffman Director
David Holt Actor
David Hope Clergyman
David Hope, Baron Hope of Thornes Clergyman
David Hornsby Actor
David Horowitz Writer
David Horsey Cartoonist
David Hume Philosopher
David Hunt Politician
David Hyde Pierce Actor
David Icke Athlete
David Ige Politician
David Ignatius Journalist
David Irving Author
David Ives Playwright
David J. Anderson Scientist
David J. C. MacKay Philosopher
David James Duncan Novelist
David James Elliott Actor
David Janssen Actor
David Javerbaum Writer
David Jeremiah Clergyman
David Johansen Musician
David Jolly Politician
David Joseph Schwartz Businessman
David Josiah Brewer Judge
David Joyce Politician
David K. E. Bruce Diplomat
David K. Shipler Author
David Karp Businessman
David Kay Scientist
David Keene Activist
David Keith Actor
David Kirk Athlete
David Knopfler Musician
David Koechner Actor
David Korten Activist
David Krumholtz Actor
David L. Wolper Producer
David Labrava Actor
David LaChapelle Photographer
David Lagercrantz Journalist
David Lambert Actor
David Lange Politician
David Lauren Designer
David Lean Director
David Leavitt Novelist
David Lee Physicist
David Lee Roth Musician
David Lehman Poet
David Leitch Actor
David Leslie Driver
David Leslie Johnson Writer
David Letterman Comedian
David Levering Lewis Historian
David Levithan Writer
David Limbaugh Author
David Lindsay-Abaire Playwright
David Lipsky Author
David Liss Writer
David Livingstone Explorer
David Lloyd Artist
David Lloyd George Statesman
David Lodge Author
David Low Cartoonist
David Lynch Director
David Lyons Actor
David M. Brown Astronaut
David M. Evans Writer
David M. Kelley Businessman
David M. Shoup Soldier
David Macaulay Artist
David Macinnis Gill Author
David Mackay Aviator
David MacKenzie Director
David Maisel Businessman
David Mallet Dramatist
David Malpass Economist
David Mamet Dramatist
David Maraniss Journalist
David Mazouz Actor
David Mazzucchelli Artist
David McCallum Actor
David McCandless Journalist
David McCullough Historian
David McFadden Poet
David McNeill Athlete
David Means Writer
David Mellor Politician
David Merrick Producer
David Milch Producer
David Miliband Politician
David Millar Athlete
David Milne Businessman
David Minge Politician
David Mitchell Novelist
David Mixner Activist
David Morrell Novelist
David Morrissey Actor
David Morse Actor
David Muir Journalist
David Nail Musician
David Nalbandian Athlete
David Naughton Actor
David Neeleman Businessman
David Nevins Producer
David Newman Composer
David Nicholls Novelist
David Niven Actor
David Novak Theologian
David O. McKay Clergyman
David O. Russell Director
David O. Sacks Businessman
David O. Selznick Producer
David Ogden Stiers Actor
David Ogilvy Businessman
David Ortiz Athlete
David Oshinsky Historian
David Otunga Athlete
David Oyelowo Actor
David Packard Businessman
David Perlmutter Scientist
David Perry Businessman
David Petraeus Soldier
David Pleat Athlete
David Plouffe Public Servant
David Pogue Journalist
David Powers Politician
David Pratt Politician
David Price Politician
David Prowse Actor
David Puttnam Producer
David Quammen Scientist
David R. Brower Environmentalist
David R. Ellis Director
David Rabe Playwright
David Rakoff Writer
David Ramsey Actor
David Remnick Journalist
David Reuben Businessman
David Ricardo Economist
David Riesman Sociologist
David Rittenhouse Scientist
David Roberts -
David Robinson Athlete
David Rockefeller Businessman
David Rockwell Architect
David Rose Musician
David Rouzer Politician
David Rubenstein Businessman
David Rudisha Athlete
David Ruffin Musician
David Rusenko Businessman
David Russell Musician
David S. Goyer Director
David S. Rose Businessman
David Sainsbury, Baron Sainsbury of Turville Politician
David Sanborn Musician
David Sarnoff Inventor
David Satcher Public Servant
David Sax Journalist
David Schweikert Politician
David Schwimmer Actor
David Scott Politician
David Seabury Psychologist
David Seaman Athlete
David Sedaris Writer
David Selby Actor
David Seltzer Producer
David Shields Author
David Shulkin Public Servant
David Shuster Journalist
David Simon Author
David Small Writer
David Smith Educator
David Soul Actor
David Souter Judge
David Spade Actor
David Starr Jordan Writer
David Steinberg Comedian
David Stern Businessman
David Storey Novelist
David Stras Judge
David Strathairn Actor
David Strickland Actor
David Suchet Actor
David Sutcliffe Actor
David Suzuki Scientist
David Sylvian Musician
David Sze Businessman
David Talbot Journalist
David Tang Businessman
David Tennant Actor
David Tepper Businessman
David Thewlis Actor
David Trimble Politician
David Tudor Musician
David Twohy Director
David Ulevitch Businessman
David Valadao Politician