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Quotes by 'C' Authors - Page 6

Author Profession
C. J. Cherryh Writer
C. J. Mahaney Clergyman
C. V. Raman Physicist
C. Z. Guest Actress
Cai Guo-Qiang Artist
Caitlin Fitzgerald Actress
Caitlin Stasey Actress
Caleb Deschanel Director
Caleb Johnson Musician
Callum Keith Rennie Actor
Cameron Bright Actor
Cameron van der Burgh Athlete
Camille Guaty Actress
Campbell Newman Politician
Candace Camp Writer
Candice Glover Musician
Candice S. Miller Politician
Cardinal Richelieu Clergyman
Carl Barks Artist
Carl Hubbell Athlete
Carl Weathers Actor
Carl Wilson Musician
Carl Yastrzemski Athlete
Carla Gallo Actress
Carla Korbes Dancer
Carlo Azeglio Ciampi Statesman
Carlo Goldoni Playwright
Carlos Alazraqui Actor
Carlos Ponce Actor
Carlos Salinas de Gortari Statesman
Carly Chaikin Actress
Carly Steel Entertainer
Carmen Marton Athlete
Carmine Coppola Musician
Carol Anshaw Novelist
Carol Windley Writer
Caroline Sunshine Actress
Carolyn McCarthy Politician
Carrie Snodgress Actress
Caryl Chessman Celebrity
Casey Eastham Athlete
Cassidy Freeman Actress
Catherine Malandrino Designer
Catherine McAuley Clergyman
Catherine of Siena Theologian
Catie Curtis Musician
Cecil Taylor Musician
Cecily Brown Artist
Cedric the Entertainer Comedian
Celine Buckens Actress
Cesar Cielo Athlete
Cesar Milstein Scientist
Cesare Lombroso Psychologist
Cesc Fabregas Athlete
Chace Crawford Actor
Chad Coleman Actor
Chad Lindberg Actor
Chad Lowe Actor
Chad Stahelski Actor
Chade-Meng Tan Businessman
Chai Jing Journalist
Chanda Kochhar Businesswoman
Channing Pollock Actor
Charles Albert Gobat Lawyer
Charles Atlas Athlete
Charles Colson Lawyer
Charles Cumming Writer
Charles Edward Montague Journalist
Charles Farrar Browne Writer
Charles Fillmore Educator
Charles Fleischer Actor
Charles Glover Barkla Physicist
Charles K. Kao Scientist
Charles Kimbrough Actor
Charles L. Allen Clergyman
Charles Mackay Poet
Charles Michael Davis Actor
Charles Morgan Novelist
Charles Osgood Journalist
Charles Palliser Novelist
Charles Pelly Designer
Charles Pollock Artist
Charles Reade Novelist
Charles Simeon Clergyman
Charles W. Chesnutt Novelist
Charles William Eliot Educator
Charley Reese Writer
Charlie Byrd Musician
Charlie Ebersol Producer
Charlie Fink Musician
Charlie Gonzalez Politician
Charlie Weber Actor
Charlotte Lamb Novelist
Charlotte Le Bon Actress
Charlotte Ronson Designer
Charlotte Ross Actress
Chelan Simmons Actress
Chelsea Kane Actress
Cheri Bustos Politician
Cheri Oteri Actress
Chick Hearn Journalist
Chico Buarque Musician
Chingy Musician
Chip Esten Comedian
Chirlane McCray Writer
Chloe Bridges Actress
Chloe Gosselin -
Chris Adami Scientist
Chris Adrian Author
Chris Bailey Musician
Chris Bangle Designer
Chris Bauer Actor
Chris Cannon Politician
Chris D'Elia Comedian
Chris Elliott Comedian
Chris Froome Athlete
Chris Geere Actor
Chris Liddell Businessman
Chris Lowell Actor
Chris Massoglia Actor
Chris Meledandri Producer
Chris Parnell Comedian
Chris Renaud Director
Chris Stokes Producer
Chris Terrio Director
Chris Vance Actor
Chris Weitz Producer
Christian Audigier Designer
Christian Borle Actor
Christie Laing Actress
Christien Meindertsma Artist
Christina Perri Musician
Christine O'Donnell Politician
Christoffel Wiese Businessman
Christophe de Margerie Businessman
Christopher Abbott Actor
Christopher Bond Politician
Christopher Egan Actor
Christopher Golden Author
Christopher Judge Actor
Christopher Love Educator
Christopher Rouse Editor
Christy Mathewson Athlete
Chuck Daly Coach
Chuck Tanner Athlete
Chumlee Celebrity
Chyler Leigh Actress
Cierra Ramirez Actress
Cissy Houston Musician
Claes Oldenburg Sculptor
Claire Messud Novelist
Clara Shih Businesswoman
Clarissa Ward Journalist
Clark Blaise Author
Clark Duke Actor
Clark Johnson Actor
Clarke Peters Actor
Claude Adrien Helvetius Philosopher
Claude Levi-Strauss Scientist
Claudette Colbert Actress
Clement Attlee Leader
Cleveland Amory Historian
Cliff Burton Musician
Clint Black Musician
Clint Walker Actor
Clive Standen Actor
Cody Horn Actress
Cole Hauser Actor
Cole Porter Composer
Colin Cunningham Actor
Colin Donnell Actor
Colm Feore Actor
Columbus Short Actor
Connie Mack Businessman
Connor Jessup Actor
Conor McPherson Playwright
Conrad Wolfram Businessman
Conway Twitty Musician
Corey Reynolds Actor
Corliss Lamont Philosopher
Corneille Ewango Environmentalist
Cotton Mather Theologian
Courtney Eaton Actress
Craig Brewer Director
Craig Fairbrass Actor
Craig Hatkoff Businessman
Craig Horner Actor
Craig Kelly Athlete
Craig L. Thomas Politician
Craig Mello Scientist
Craig Sheffer Actor
Cressida Bonas Actress
Cris Judd Actor
Crystal Chappell Actress
Curtis Mayfield Musician
Cynthia Breazeal Scientist
Cynthia Carroll Businesswoman
Cynthia Dill Politician
Cynthia Kadohata Writer
Cynthia Leitich Smith Author