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Quotes by 'C' Authors - Page 3

Author Profession
Catherine McAuley Clergyman
Catherine McCormack Actress
Catherine Ndereba Athlete
Catherine O'Hara Actress
Catherine of Siena Theologian
Catherine Opie Artist
Catherine Oxenberg Actress
Catherine Ryan Hyde Novelist
Catherine Tate Actress
Catherine the Great Royalty
Catherine Zeta-Jones Actress
Catherynne M. Valente Writer
Cathleen Schine Author
Cathy Engelbert Businesswoman
Cathy Freeman Athlete
Cathy Guisewite Cartoonist
Cathy Marie Buchanan Writer
Cathy McMorris Rodgers Politician
Cathy Moriarty Actress
Cathy Rigby Athlete
Cathy Rindner Tempelsman
Catie Curtis Musician
Cavett Robert Businessman
Cayden Boyd Actor
Cazzie David Actor
CC Sabathia Athlete
CeCe Peniston Musician
Cecelia Ahern Novelist
Cecil B. DeMille Producer
Cecil Beaton Photographer
Cecil Frank Powell Physicist
Cecil Rhodes Statesman
Cecil Taylor Musician
Cecile de France Actress
Cecile McLorin Salvant Musician
Cecile Richards Activist
Cecilia Bartoli Musician
Cecilia Dart-Thornton Author
Cecilia Roth Actress
Cecily Brown Artist
Cecily Strong Comedian
Cecily von Ziegesar Author
Cedric Hardwicke Actor
Cedric Richmond Politician
Cedric the Entertainer Comedian
CeeLo Green Musician
Celeste Holm Actress
Celeste Ng Author
Celia Cruz Musician
Celia Green Author
Celia Hammond Model
Celia Imrie Actress
Celia Johnson Actress
Celia Rivenbark Author
Celia Weston Actress
Celina Jade Actress
Celine Buckens Actress
Celine Dion Musician
Cesar Chavez Activist
Cesar Cielo Athlete
Cesar Millan Celebrity
Cesar Milstein Scientist
Cesar Pelli Architect
Cesar Romero Actor
Cesare Beccaria Judge
Cesare Lombroso Psychologist
Cesare Pavese Poet
Cesc Fabregas Athlete
Chace Crawford Actor
Chad Channing Musician
Chad Coleman Actor
Chad Everett Actor
Chad Harbach Writer
Chad Hugo Musician
Chad Hurley Businessman
Chad Johnson Athlete
Chad Kelly Athlete
Chad Kroeger Musician
Chad le Clos Athlete
Chad Lindberg Actor
Chad Lowe Actor
Chad Michael Murray Actor
Chad Smith Musician
Chad Stahelski Actor
Chade-Meng Tan Businessman
Chadwick Boseman Actor
Chai Jing Journalist
Chaim Herzog Statesman
Chaim Potok Author
Chaim Weizmann Leader
Chaka Fattah Politician
Chaka Khan Musician
Chaley Rose Actress
Chan Ho Park Athlete
Chanakya Politician
Chance The Rapper Musician
Chanda Kochhar Businesswoman
Chandler Canterbury Actor
Chandler Massey Actor
Chandler Parsons Athlete
Chandler Riggs Actor
Chandra West Actress
Chandra Wilson Actress
Chanel Iman Model
Chang Chen-yue Musician
Chang-Rae Lee Novelist
Channing Dungey Businesswoman
Channing Pollock Actor
Channing Tatum Actor
Chantal Akerman Director
Chantal Kreviazuk Musician
Chantal Sutherland Athlete
Charan Das Mahant Politician
Charice Pempengco Musician
Charisma Carpenter Actress
Charity Shea Actress
Charity Sunshine Tillemann-Dick Musician
Charlaine Harris Author
Charlayne Hunter-Gault Journalist
Charlemagne Royalty
Charlene Tilton Actress
Charlene, Princess of Monaco Royalty
Charles A. Beard Historian
Charles A. Lockwood Soldier
Charles Albert Gobat Lawyer
Charles Anthon Writer
Charles Atlas Athlete
Charles B. Rangel Politician
Charles Babbage Mathematician
Charles Barkley Athlete
Charles Bass Politician
Charles Baudelaire Poet
Charles Bent Politician
Charles Best Businessman
Charles Bock Writer
Charles Boustany Politician
Charles Bowen Judge
Charles Bradlaugh Activist
Charles Brenton Huggins Scientist
Charles Bronfman Businessman
Charles Bronson Actor
Charles Buck
Charles Bukowski Author
Charles Buxton Public Servant
Charles C. Mann Journalist
Charles Caleb Colton Writer
Charles Churchill Poet
Charles Colson Lawyer
Charles Comiskey Athlete
Charles Cumming Writer
Charles Curtis Vice President
Charles D. Broad Psychologist
Charles Dallara Businessman
Charles Dance Actor
Charles Darwin Scientist
Charles Davenport Scientist
Charles de Gaulle Leader
Charles de Lint Writer
Charles de Montesquieu Philosopher
Charles de Saint-Évremond Critic
Charles de Secondat Philosopher
Charles Dickens Novelist
Charles Dudley Warner Journalist
Charles Duhigg Journalist
Charles Duke Astronaut
Charles Durning Actor
Charles E. Merrill Businessman
Charles E. Wilson Businessman
Charles E. Young Educator
Charles Eames Designer
Charles Eastman Author
Charles Edison Businessman
Charles Edward Merriam Educator
Charles Edward Montague Journalist
Charles Edwards Leader
Charles Erwin Wilson Businessman
Charles Evans Hughes Judge
Charles Evers Activist
Charles Farrar Browne Writer
Charles Ferguson Smith Soldier
Charles Fillmore Educator
Charles Fleischer Actor
Charles Fort Writer
Charles Fourier Philosopher
Charles Francis Richter Scientist
Charles Frazier Novelist
Charles Frohman Producer
Charles Giancarlo Businessman
Charles Glover Barkla Physicist
Charles Godfrey Leland Writer
Charles Goodyear Inventor
Charles Grodin Actor
Charles Guggenheim Director
Charles Gwathmey Architect
Charles H. Percy Politician
Charles H. Townes Physicist
Charles Haley Athlete
Charles Hamilton Houston Lawyer
Charles Handy Author
Charles Hazlewood Musician