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Definition of Yorkshire


  1. A county in the north of England.

Yorkshire Quotations

West Yorkshire is quite dramatic and beautiful, the crags and things.
David Hockney

East Yorkshire, to the uninitiated, just looks like a lot of little hills. But it does have these marvelous valleys that were caused by glaciers, not rivers. So it is unusual.
David Hockney

I am never at my best in the early morning, especially a cold morning in the Yorkshire spring with a piercing March wind sweeping down from the fells, finding its way inside my clothing, nipping at my nose and ears.
James Herriot

I was in Yorkshire. We were a family of five and I used to be sent sometimes to get the rations for the week and I was easily able to carry them back. It was like one egg and a tiny bit of tea.
Judi Dench

The only place I considered home was the boarding school, in Yorkshire, my parents sent me to.
Joe Strummer
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