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Definition of Yielded


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Yielded Quotations

My honour was not yielded, but conquered merely.

There is no arguing with the pretenders to a divine knowledge and to a divine mission. They are possessed with the sin of pride, they have yielded to the perennial temptation.
Walter Lippmann

It's good to be slightly ambitious, but I believe one shouldn't be too calculative. It's good to be on the edge, but I have never followed my mind. I have always followed my heart. And it has yielded the right results.
Deepika Padukone

The Bio-diversity Convention has not yielded any tangible benefits to the world's poor.
Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Voting is fundamental in our democracy. It has yielded enormous returns.
Arlen Specter
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Yielded Translations

yielded in German is gewonnen, gab nach
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