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Definition of Wrist


  1. The joint, or the region of the joint, between the hand and the arm; the carpus. See Carpus.
  2. A stud or pin which forms a journal; -- also called wrist pin.

Wrist Quotations

My father used to always say to me that, you know, if a guy goes out to steal a loaf of bread to feed his family, they'll give him 10 years, but a guy can do white-collar crime and steal the money of thousands and he'll get probation and a slap on the wrist.
Jesse Ventura

Why slap them on the wrist with feather when you can belt them over the head with a sledgehammer.
Katharine Hepburn

In badminton, they use a lot from the wrist. But I use a lot from the shoulder.
Li Na

I tend not to wear accessories. I'm not one of those gals with a drawerful of amazing jewelry. I don't even have my ears pierced! But I have one bracelet that never comes off my wrist.
Rachael Taylor

When I came to New York and I opened the window of the thirty-fifth-floor apartment, there's light pollution and fog, and I couldn't see my star. So I drew it on my wrist with a pen, but it kept washing away. Then I went to a tattoo parlor on Second Avenue and had it done.
Gisele Bundchen
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Wrist Translations

wrist in Dutch is pols, handwortel
wrist in French is poignet
wrist in German is Handgelenk, Handgelenks, Handgelenk
wrist in Italian is polso
wrist in Portuguese is pulso
wrist in Swedish is handled
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