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Definition of Worrisome


  1. Inclined to worry or fret; also, causing worry or annoyance.

Worrisome Quotations

If we find it hard to believe that winning millions might not be so lucky after all, we just don't have a good enough imagination. If I fantasise about winning the lottery, it doesn't take long before all sorts of worrisome potential consequences occur to me.
Julian Baggini

Nobody gets excited about the future at all, ever. The future is something we find depressing and worrisome.
Bill Bryson

Everything you've heard about Canadians apologizing profusely for things they shouldn't be sorry about is absolutely true. It is both sweet, endearing and worrisome at the same time. Having someone apologize for no reason actually makes me feel as though I should apologize for their need to apologize.
Rachel Nichols

Worrisome thoughts and their resulting feelings are a form of self strangulation. They not only strangle your emotions. They affect your physical life as well, and your ability to focus and get things done.
Andrew Bernstein

If I haven't made myself clear, this worrisome chain of events describes the game of the nineteenth century.
John Thorn
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Worrisome Translations

worrisome in French is suant
worrisome in Italian is noioso
worrisome in Swedish is irriterande

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