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Definition of Workmanship


  1. The art or skill of a workman; the execution or manner of making anything.
  2. That which is effected, made, or produced; manufacture, something made by manual labor.

Workmanship Quotations

Quality is pride of workmanship.
W. Edwards Deming

Beauty is nature's brag, and must be shown in courts, at feasts, and high solemnities, where most may wonder at the workmanship.
John Milton

Make the workmanship surpass the materials.

In the last ten years of watching films I have found that some of the foreign films I saw affected me most. One American film that stands out for me for its workmanship and artistry is 'Ratatouille.' It was an astonishing effort in filmmaking.
Irvin Kershner

There are certain tuxes you can get away with a black tie, but with others, you'd be dishonoring the workmanship if you didn't wear a full bow tie.
Luke Evans
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Workmanship Translations

workmanship in Italian is equipaggio
workmanship in Swedish is arbete, yrkesskicklighet
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