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Definition of Womanly


  1. Becoming a woman; feminine; as, womanly behavior.
  2. In the manner of a woman; with the grace, tenderness, or affection of a woman.

Womanly Quotations

It is fatal to be a man or woman pure and simple: one must be a woman manly, or a man womanly.
Virginia Woolf

She had a womanly instinct that clothes possess an influence more powerful over many than the worth of character or the magic of manners.
Louisa May Alcott

Some persons have lived manly or womanly lives, and they lack but one thing - open confession of the Lord Jesus Christ. Some men think that they must come to him in a certain way - that they must be stirred by emotion or something like that.
Billy Sunday

The true meaning of feminism is this: to use your strong womanly image to gain strong results in society.
Pamela Anderson

I really don't like women who try to be men. All these politicians, I think they're horrendous. We could have a brilliant future, but we have this terrible male vision of destroying everything. They'd better sort themselves out and become more womanly.
Vivienne Westwood
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Womanly Translations

womanly in German is frauliche, weiblich, fraulich
womanly in Swedish is kvinnlig

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