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Definition of Without


  1. On or at the outside of; out of; not within; as, without doors.
  2. Out of the limits of; out of reach of; beyond.
  3. Not with; otherwise than with; in absence of, separation from, or destitution of; not with use or employment of; independently of; exclusively of; with omission; as, without labor; without damage.
  4. Unless; except; -- introducing a clause.
  5. On or art the outside; not on the inside; not within; outwardly; externally.
  6. Outside of the house; out of doors.
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Without Translations

without in Afrikaans is sonder
without in Danish is udder
without in Dutch is gespeend van, ontbloot van
without in Finnish is ilman
without in German is ohne
without in Italian is senza
without in Latin is foras, sine, absque (+ ablative)
without in Portuguese is sem
without in Spanish is sin
without in Swedish is utan