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Definition of Within


  1. In the inner or interior part of; inside of; not without; as, within doors.
  2. In the limits or compass of; not further in length than; as, within five miles; not longer in time than; as, within an hour; not exceeding in quantity; as, expenses kept within one's income.
  3. Hence, inside the limits, reach, or influence of; not going outside of; not beyond, overstepping, exceeding, or the like.
  4. In the inner part; inwardly; internally.
  5. In the house; in doors; as, the master is within.
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Within Translations

within in Afrikaans is per, op, binne, in
within in Dutch is binnen, in, per, te
within in French is dans, au dedansde
within in German is innerhalb, drin, innerhalb
within in Latin is intus
within in Portuguese is em, dentro
within in Spanish is en, dentro de, por