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Definition of Wit


  1. of Wit
  2. To know; to learn.
  3. Mind; intellect; understanding; sense.
  4. A mental faculty, or power of the mind; -- used in this sense chiefly in the plural, and in certain phrases; as, to lose one's wits; at one's wits' end, and the like.
  5. Felicitous association of objects not usually connected, so as to produce a pleasant surprise; also. the power of readily combining objects in such a manner.
  6. A person of eminent sense or knowledge; a man of genius, fancy, or humor; one distinguished for bright or amusing sayings, for repartee, and the like.
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Wit Translations

wit in Dutch is spriet, boegspriet
wit in German is Verstand, Witz
wit in Italian is giudizio
wit in Latin is sal, lepor lepos
wit in Portuguese is sagacidade
wit in Swedish is vett, kvickhet, kvickhuvud