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Definition of Wink


  1. To nod; to sleep; to nap.
  2. To shut the eyes quickly; to close the eyelids with a quick motion.
  3. To close and open the eyelids quickly; to nictitate; to blink.
  4. To give a hint by a motion of the eyelids, often those of one eye only.
  5. To avoid taking notice, as if by shutting the eyes; to connive at anything; to be tolerant; -- generally with at.
  6. To be dim and flicker; as, the light winks.
  7. To cause (the eyes) to wink.
  8. The act of closing, or closing and opening, the eyelids quickly; hence, the time necessary for such an act; a moment.
  9. A hint given by shutting the eye with a significant cast.

Wink Quotations

Maybe that's what life is... a wink of the eye and winking stars. - Jack Kerouac
Maybe that's what life is... a wink of the eye and winking stars.
Jack Kerouac

People are totally overusing LOL and a wink - and I'm very guilty of using the wink - that's probably my favourite emoticon to use because 'I'm being sarcastic, don't misinterpret; don't misconstrue; I'm just kidding.' Again, for as many benefits as it has, also picking up the phone and having a conversation speaks volumes.
Carly Pope

Wink and shut their apprehensions up.
John Marston

In Washington, 'delay' is too often code for 'derail.' Wink, wink.
Peter Welch

I know many married men, I even know a few happily married men, but I don't know one who wouldn't fall down the first open coal hole running after the first pretty girl who gave him a wink.
George Jean Nathan
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Wink Translations

wink in French is ciller
wink in German is blinzeln, Zwinkern
wink in Swedish is blinka
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