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Definition of Window


  1. An opening in the wall of a building for the admission of light and air, usually closed by casements or sashes containing some transparent material, as glass, and capable of being opened and shut at pleasure.
  2. The shutter, casement, sash with its fittings, or other framework, which closes a window opening.
  3. A figure formed of lines crossing each other.
  4. To furnish with windows.
  5. To place at or in a window.
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Window Translations

window in Afrikaans is venster
window in Danish is vindue
window in Dutch is raam, venster
window in Finnish is ikkuna
window in German is Bildschirmfenster, Fenster, Fenster
window in Hungarian is ablak
window in Italian is fetta, finestra, finestrino, oblo
window in Latin is fenestra
window in Norwegian is vindu, luke
window in Portuguese is bilheteria, janela, bilheteira
window in Spanish is ventana, tarazon, taquilla, portilla