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Definition of Wince


  1. To shrink, as from a blow, or from pain; to flinch; to start back.
  2. To kick or flounce when unsteady, or impatient at a rider; as, a horse winces.
  3. The act of one who winces.
  4. A reel used in dyeing, steeping, or washing cloth; a winch. It is placed over the division wall between two wince pits so as to allow the cloth to descend into either compartment. at will.

Wince Quotations

A fly, Sir, may sting a stately horse and make him wince; but, one is but an insect, and the other is a horse still.
Samuel Johnson

I think that my regrets mostly have to do with my relationship with my ex-girlfriend. Every once in a while, you get those flashback memories of conversations you had with your exes, and you just, like, wince when you're walking down the street. Something occurs to you, 'Oh, no, I said that.'
Mike Birbiglia

Looking back, I wince at the careless way I tossed out my opinions.
Luke Ford

People wince when something is in bad taste. They laugh when it's funny. If it's too dirty or wrong, they won't laugh. But if it's a big, dirty, smart, funny laugh, they love it.
Michael Patrick King

When I read it, I don't wince, which is all I ever ask for a book I write.
Norman Mailer
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Wince Translations

wince in Spanish is mueca de dolor
wince in Swedish is rygga tillbaka
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