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Definition of Whittle


  1. A grayish, coarse double blanket worn by countrywomen, in the west of England, over the shoulders, like a cloak or shawl.
  2. Same as Whittle shawl, below.
  3. A knife; esp., a pocket, sheath, or clasp knife.
  4. To pare or cut off the surface of with a small knife; to cut or shape, as a piece of wood held in the hand, with a clasp knife or pocketknife.
  5. To edge; to sharpen; to render eager or excited; esp., to excite with liquor; to inebriate.
  6. To cut or shape a piece of wood with am small knife; to cut up a piece of wood with a knife.

Whittle Quotations

He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away.
Raymond Hull

A great deal of my battle, as an actor, is to whittle away the things that make me self-conscious and try to trick myself into not being self-conscious. So, it's always a challenge, whether I'm lying in a hospital bed or flying around with a rocket pack on my back, or what have you. On the best of days, it's a challenge for me.
Billy Campbell

A man who trims himself to suit everybody will soon whittle himself away.
Charles M. Schwab

I like a man who can build things. Whittle me something out of wood and I'm sold.
Rachel Bilson

I think part of the problem sometimes is that there's so much happening in my books, to whittle it down into a single script is hard.
Sarah Dessen
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Whittle Translations

whittle in German is schnitzen, schnibbeln
whittle in Italian is intagliare
whittle in Spanish is sacar punta con el cuchillo, tallar
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