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Definition of Whirlwind


  1. A violent windstorm of limited extent, as the tornado, characterized by an inward spiral motion of the air with an upward current in the center; a vortex of air. It usually has a rapid progressive motion.
  2. Fig.: A body of objects sweeping violently onward.

Whirlwind Quotations

It is not light that we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.
Frederick Douglass

Look for me in the whirlwind or the storm.
Marcus Garvey

When men sow the wind it is rational to expect that they will reap the whirlwind.
Frederick Douglass

To really ask is to open the door to the whirlwind. The answer may annihilate the question and the questioner.
Anne Rice

They told me I had been sick twelve days, lying like dead all the while, and that Whirlwind Chaser, who was Standing Bear's uncle and a medicine man, had brought me back to life.
Black Elk
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Whirlwind Translations

whirlwind in French is tourbillon
whirlwind in German is Wirbelwind, Wirbelsturm, Wirbelwind
whirlwind in Italian is turbine
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