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Definition of Wherewithal


  1. Wherewith.

Wherewithal Quotations

Jobs for every American is doomed to failure because of modern automation and production. We ought to recognize it and create an income-maintenance system so every single American has the dignity and the wherewithal for shelter, basic food, and medical care. I'm talking about welfare for all. Without it, you're going to have warfare for all.
Jerry Brown

I would like to be George Clooney diplomatic. I just don't have the wherewithal yet or the inner serenity.
Shia LaBeouf

Students now arrive at the university ignorant and cynical about our political heritage, lacking the wherewithal to be either inspired by it or seriously critical of it.
Allan Bloom

I have the wherewithal to challenge myself for my entire life. That's a great gift.
Twyla Tharp

You need to have people within your own party that have the wherewithal to stand up to you.
Rand Paul
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