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Definition of Weightless


  1. Having no weight; imponderable; hence, light.

Weightless Quotations

I'm really looking forward to it, if you can imagine floating weightless, watching the world pour by through the big bay window of the space station playing a guitar; just a tremendous place to think about where we are in history.
Chris Hadfield

When the space shuttle's engines cut off, and you're finally in space, in orbit, weightless... I remember unstrapping from my seat, floating over to the window, and that's when I got my first view of Earth. Just a spectacular view, and a chance to see our planet as a planet.
Sally Ride

I learned to skate in our garage. We lived in the country in Florida, it was sort of farmish, and there was no cement anywhere else. Vert skating was the kind of skating that was done in pools, where you could get airborne and be weightless. The other style, which is what I did, was called free style, which was tricks you could do on flat ground.
Rodney Mullen

I see the state of all of us who live, nothing more than phantoms or a weightless shadow.

We were only on orbit a little over two days, so we had no adverse effects from being weightless.
Robert Crippen
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Weightless Translations

weightless in German is schwerelos

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