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Definition of Weigh


  1. A corruption of Way, used only in the phrase under weigh.
  2. To bear up; to raise; to lift into the air; to swing up; as, to weigh anchor.
  3. To examine by the balance; to ascertain the weight of, that is, the force with which a thing tends to the center of the earth; to determine the heaviness, or quantity of matter of; as, to weigh sugar; to weigh gold.
  4. To be equivalent to in weight; to counterbalance; to have the heaviness of.
  5. To pay, allot, take, or give by weight.
  6. To examine or test as if by the balance; to ponder in the mind; to consider or examine for the purpose of forming an opinion or coming to a conclusion; to estimate deliberately and maturely; to balance.
  7. To consider as worthy of notice; to regard.
  8. To have weight; to be heavy.
  9. To be considered as important; to have weight in the intellectual balance.
  10. To bear heavily; to press hard.
  11. To judge; to estimate.
  12. A certain quantity estimated by weight; an English measure of weight. See Wey.
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Weigh Translations

weigh in Danish is veje
weigh in Dutch is het gewicht bepalen, wegen, afwegen
weigh in Finnish is painaa
weigh in French is pesez, pesons, peser, pesent
weigh in Italian is pesare
weigh in Latin is consulto
weigh in Portuguese is pese
weigh in Spanish is balancear, pesar