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Definition of Wealth


  1. In the private sense, all property which has a money value.
  2. In the public sense, all objects, esp. material objects, which have economic utility.
  3. Those energies, faculties, and habits directly contributing to make people industrially efficient.
  4. Weal; welfare; prosperity; good.
  5. Large possessions; a comparative abundance of things which are objects of human desire; esp., abundance of worldly estate; affluence; opulence; riches.
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Wealth Translations

wealth in Danish is rigdom
wealth in Dutch is rijkdom
wealth in French is fortune
wealth in German is Wohlstand, Reichtum, Wohlstand, Reichtum
wealth in Italian is opulenza
wealth in Latin is divitiae divitie, census, opes
wealth in Portuguese is riqueza
wealth in Spanish is abundancia, riqueza, prosperidad