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Definition of Watershed


  1. The whole region or extent of country which contributes to the supply of a river or lake.
  2. The line of division between two adjacent rivers or lakes with respect to the flow of water by natural channels into them; the natural boundary of a basin.

Watershed Quotations

The neighborhood I grew up in had this fence that surrounds the watershed. And if you go on the other side of that fence, there's nothing until the North Pole and down to Siberia. It's the absolute cutoff point between man and nature.
Douglas Coupland

'America 24/7' will be a landmark series in documentary photography and the watershed event of the new digital photography age.
Rick Smolan

Today I can announce a raft of reforms that we estimate could save over 2.5 million police hours every year. That's the equivalent of more than 1,200 police officer posts. These reforms are a watershed moment in policing. They show that we really mean business in busting bureaucracy.
Theresa May

As costly as it was in the lives of our men and women in uniform, in military assets, and in esteem and pride, Pearl Harbor was a watershed moment for America.
Joe Baca

The advent of self-government for the Iraqi people is a watershed moment in their history.
Todd Akin
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Watershed Translations

watershed in German is Wasserscheide
watershed in Swedish is vattendelare
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