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Definition of Wastebasket


  1. A basket used in offices, libraries, etc., as a receptacle for waste paper.

Wastebasket Quotations

Someone once threw me a small, brown, hairy kiwi fruit, and I threw a wastebasket over it until it was dead.
Erma Bombeck

Happiness is a very small desk and a very big wastebasket.
Robert Orben

A ratio of failures is built into the process of writing. The wastebasket has evolved for a reason.
Margaret Atwood

My general working style is to write everything first with pencil and paper, sitting beside a big wastebasket. Then I use Emacs to enter the text into my machine.
Donald Knuth

I told the students that whatever they did in class was for the wastebasket.
Imogen Cunningham
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Wastebasket Translations

wastebasket in German is Papierkorb
wastebasket in Swedish is papperskorg