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Definition of Washer


  1. One who, or that which, washes.
  2. A ring of metal, leather, or other material, or a perforated plate, used for various purposes, as around a bolt or screw to form a seat for the head or nut, or around a wagon axle to prevent endwise motion of the hub of the wheel and relieve friction, or in a joint to form a packing, etc.
  3. A fitting, usually having a plug, applied to a cistern, tub, sink, or the like, and forming the outlet opening.
  4. The common raccoon.
  5. Same as Washerwoman, 2.

Washer Translations

washer in French is laveur, rondelles
washer in German is Unterlegscheibe, Dichtungsring, Unterlegscheibe
washer in Italian is lavatore
washer in Spanish is lavandera
washer in Swedish is bricka