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Definition of Warsaw


  1. The black grouper (Epinephelus nigritus) of the southern coasts of the United States.
  2. The jewfish; -- called also guasa.

Warsaw Quotations

Roman's wife Sharon Tate had been murdered by Charles Manson the year before, but Roman had been through so much leaving the Warsaw ghetto that he was very strong and private.
Francesca Annis

On the day I became Soviet leader, in March 1985, I had a special meeting with the leaders of the Warsaw Pact countries and told them: 'You are independent, and we are independent. You are responsible for your policies, we are responsible for ours. We will not intervene in your affairs, I promise you.'
Mikhail Gorbachev

It's a different outlook, and one that I understand. When you are a former member of the Warsaw Pact, when you have lived behind the Berlin Wall, when you have experienced the communist systems that existed in these countries, for them, the West represents hope.
Jean-Pierre Raffarin

The European Borders Agency in Warsaw has been created to help border forces in Europe cooperate more.
Gijs de Vries

It is decisive to completely destroy Warsaw.
Heinz Guderian
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Warsaw Translations

warsaw in Dutch is Warschau
warsaw in French is Varsovie
warsaw in Swedish is warszawa

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