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Definition of Wanderer


  1. One who wanders; a rambler; one who roves; hence, one who deviates from duty.

Wanderer Quotations

Mother Nature is always speaking. She speaks in a language understood within the peaceful mind of the sincere observer. Leopards, cobras, monkeys, rivers and trees; they all served as my teachers when I lived as a wanderer in the Himalayan foothills.
Radhanath Swami

I am a wanderer passionately in love with life.
Aleksandr Kuprin

The lonely wanderer, who watches by the seashore the waves that roll between him and his home, talks of cruel facts, material barriers that, just because they are material, and not ideal, shall be the irresistible foes of his longing heart.
Josiah Royce

A pilgrim is a wanderer with a purpose.
Peace Pilgrim

I had a wonderful childhood, but I was a wanderer from year one.
Maureen Forrester
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Wanderer Translations

wanderer in German is Wanderin
wanderer in Latin is peregrinus
wanderer in Swedish is vandrare
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