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Definition of Wail


  1. To choose; to select.
  2. To lament; to bewail; to grieve over; as, to wail one's death.
  3. To express sorrow audibly; to make mournful outcry; to weep.
  4. Loud weeping; violent lamentation; wailing.

Wail Quotations

You've got to learn your instrument. Then, you practice, practice, practice. And then, when you finally get up there on the bandstand, forget all that and just wail.
Charlie Parker

The drama of life begins with a wail and ends with a sigh.
Minna Antrim

I think the drummer should sit back there and play some drums, and never mind about the tunes. Just get up there and wail behind whoever is sitting up there playing the solo. And this is what is lacking, definitely lacking in music today.
Buddy Rich

Rude contact with facts chased my visions and dreams quickly away, and in their stead I beheld the horrors, the corruption, the evils and hypocrisy of society, and as I stood among them, a young wife, a great wail of agony went out from my soul.
Victoria Woodhull

I actually started singing in church when I was about five years old. I remember looking at the choirs and just hearing all of those great big beautiful voices. And there was this one woman who could just wail. And I remember trying to sing like her when I was like going home.
Kelly Rowland
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Wail Translations

wail in Dutch is steen en been klagen, weeklagen
wail in Finnish is valitella
wail in German is klagen, jammern
wail in Latin is lamentor, gemo
wail in Portuguese is lamento