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Definition of Vulgar


  1. Of or pertaining to the mass, or multitude, of people; common; general; ordinary; public; hence, in general use; vernacular.
  2. Belonging or relating to the common people, as distinguished from the cultivated or educated; pertaining to common life; plebeian; not select or distinguished; hence, sometimes, of little or no value.
  3. Hence, lacking cultivation or refinement; rustic; boorish; also, offensive to good taste or refined feelings; low; coarse; mean; base; as, vulgar men, minds, language, or manners.
  4. One of the common people; a vulgar person.
  5. The vernacular, or common language.
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Vulgar Translations

vulgar in Dutch is plat, triviaal, vulgair, onbenullig
vulgar in French is poissard, trivial
vulgar in Spanish is vulgar