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Definition of Vowel


  1. A vocal, or sometimes a whispered, sound modified by resonance in the oral passage, the peculiar resonance in each case giving to each several vowel its distinctive character or quality as a sound of speech; -- distinguished from a consonant in that the latter, whether made with or without vocality, derives its character in every case from some kind of obstructive action by the mouth organs. Also, a letter or character which represents such a sound. See Guide to Pronunciation, // 5, 146-149.
  2. Of or pertaining to a vowel; vocal.
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Vowel Translations

vowel in Dutch is vocaal, vokaal, klinker
vowel in French is voyelle
vowel in German is Selbstlaut, Vokal, Vokal
vowel in Portuguese is vogal
vowel in Spanish is vocal
vowel in Swedish is vokal