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Definition of Vomit


  1. To eject the contents of the stomach by the mouth; to puke; to spew.
  2. To throw up; to eject from the stomach through the mouth; to disgorge; to puke; to spew out; -- often followed by up or out.
  3. Hence, to eject from any hollow place; to belch forth; to emit; to throw forth; as, volcanoes vomit flame, stones, etc.
  4. Matter that is vomited; esp., matter ejected from the stomach through the mouth.
  5. That which excites vomiting; an emetic.
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Vomit Translations

vomit in Danish is kaste op
vomit in Dutch is spugen, braken, overgeven, kotsen
vomit in French is vomissure
vomit in German is erbrechen, erbrechen, erbreche