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Definition of Volcano


  1. A mountain or hill, usually more or less conical in form, from which lava, cinders, steam, sulphur gases, and the like, are ejected; -- often popularly called a burning mountain.

Volcano Quotations

If your heart is a volcano, how shall you expect flowers to bloom?
Khalil Gibran

All civilization has from time to time become a thin crust over a volcano of revolution.
Havelock Ellis

A democracy is a volcano which conceals the fiery materials of its own destruction. These will produce an eruption and carry desolation in their way.
Fisher Ames

I wrote a novel about Israelis who live their own lives on the slope of a volcano. Near a volcano one still falls in love, one still gets jealous, one still wants a promotion, one still gossips.
Amos Oz

I feel like a person living on the brink of a volcano crater.
Agnes Smedley
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Volcano Translations

volcano in Afrikaans is vulkaan
volcano in Dutch is vuurspuwende berg, vulkaan
volcano in French is volcan
volcano in German is Vulkan
volcano in Italian is vulano
volcano in Swedish is vulkan
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