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Definition of Virtue


  1. Manly strength or courage; bravery; daring; spirit; valor.
  2. Active quality or power; capacity or power adequate to the production of a given effect; energy; strength; potency; efficacy; as, the virtue of a medicine.
  3. Energy or influence operating without contact of the material or sensible substance.
  4. Excellence; value; merit; meritoriousness; worth.
  5. Specifically, moral excellence; integrity of character; purity of soul; performance of duty.
  6. A particular moral excellence; as, the virtue of temperance, of charity, etc.
  7. Specifically: Chastity; purity; especially, the chastity of women; virginity.
  8. One of the orders of the celestial hierarchy.
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Virtue Translations

virtue in Dutch is deugdelijkheid, degelijkheid
virtue in German is Wirksamkeit, Tugend, Vorzug
virtue in Latin is sanctimonia, rectum
virtue in Spanish is virtud
virtue in Swedish is dygd, kraft