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Definition of Violate


  1. To treat in a violent manner; to abuse.
  2. To do violence to, as to anything that should be held sacred or respected; to profane; to desecrate; to break forcibly; to trench upon; to infringe.
  3. To disturb; to interrupt.
  4. To commit rape on; to ravish; to outrage.

Violate Quotations

All, too, will bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will to be rightful must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal law must protect, and to violate would be oppression.
Thomas Jefferson

Employers who violate rules of fairness are punished by reduced productivity, and merchants who follow unfair pricing policies can expect to lose sales.
Daniel Kahneman

It's not wise to violate rules until you know how to observe them.
T. S. Eliot

Never violate the sacredness of your individual self-respect.
Theodore Parker

Who will protect the public when the police violate the law?
Ramsey Clark
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Violate Translations

violate in Dutch is een aanslag plegen op, aanranden
violate in French is violons, violer, attenter, violez
violate in Latin is rumpo
violate in Spanish is asalter, lacerar