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Definition of Vilified


  1. of Vilify

Vilified Quotations

And why do we, who say we oppose tyranny and demand freedom of speech, allow people to go to prison and be vilified, and magazines to be closed down on the spot, for suggesting another version of history.
David Icke

I'm a big fan of the misunderstood, the vilified, the underdog, the breaking of myths.
Dominic Monaghan

Are people raised to be villains or vilified like I have become?
Marilyn Manson

Ambition. An overmastering desire to be vilified by enemies while living and made ridiculous by friends when dead.
Ambrose Bierce

It doesn't hurt my feeling when I get vilified by fundamentalist religious people. I've actually made comedy out of it. I've made light of that.
Richard Dawkins
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