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Definition of Vicar


  1. One deputed or authorized to perform the functions of another; a substitute in office; a deputy.
  2. The incumbent of an appropriated benefice.

Vicar Quotations

I used to do bell ringing in Benenden church. It was really good fun, actually. My best friend's dad was the local vicar, and so it was expected as her best friend that I would go to church every Sunday with her.
Jo Brand

I am a vicar's daughter and still a practising member of the Church of England.
Theresa May

A bumper of good liquor will end a contest quicker than justice, judge, or vicar.
Richard Brinsley Sheridan

A married vicar is likely to regard his vocation as a job - a tough and ill-paid one, to be sure - but a priest is seen as a pillar of the community, answerable only to his parishioners and his God, rather than to a wife and children.
Simon Hoggart

You don't think about it at the time, but there are certain responsibilities that come with being the vicar's daughter. You're supposed to behave in a particular way. I shouldn't say it, but I probably was Goody Two Shoes.
Theresa May
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Vicar Translations

vicar in Dutch is pastoor
vicar in German is Vikar, Kaplan
vicar in Spanish is vicario
vicar in Swedish is kyrkoherde

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