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Definition of Ventriloquism


  1. The act, art, or practice of speaking in such a manner that the voice appears to come, not from the person speaking, but from some other source, as from the opposite side of the room, from the cellar, etc.

Ventriloquism Quotations

My puppets are far more liberated than I am. Ventriloquism is a useful way of expressing myself.
Nina Conti

There exists a species of transcendental ventriloquism by means of which men can be made to believe that something said on earth comes from Heaven.
Georg C. Lichtenberg

Magic in cinema is a bit like ventriloquism on the radio.
Jeanine Basinger

It's strange because even in the vaudeville days, ventriloquists were never the main attraction. They were the guys brought out to stand in front of the curtain while sets were being changed. Ventriloquism wasn't even celebrated as an art until Edgar Bergen came along in the 1930s.
Jeff Dunham

I looked into studying psychoanalysis, wrote to the governing body and was about to start the year where they psychoanalyse you, four times a week, before you get to do it yourself. I just thought I'd taken the ventriloquism as far as I could. My act is so deconstructive, and I'd made all the monkey jokes anyone wanted to hear.
Nina Conti
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Ventriloquism Translations

ventriloquism in German is Bauchreden, Bauchredens
ventriloquism in Spanish is ventriloquia
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