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Definition of Ventriloquism


  1. The act, art, or practice of speaking in such a manner that the voice appears to come, not from the person speaking, but from some other source, as from the opposite side of the room, from the cellar, etc.

Ventriloquism Quotations

There exists a species of transcendental ventriloquism by means of which men can be made to believe that something said on earth comes from Heaven.
Georg C. Lichtenberg

I always loved putting on shows - when you're the youngest of seven and five are older sisters, you've got to get noticed somehow! I did puppet shows and magic shows... even ventriloquism. My doll's name was 'Dan,' and I used to write these scripts, and my schoolmate hid under the table and supplied Dan's voice.
David Wenham

I love anything to do with ventriloquism and magic.
Illeana Douglas

I think television defeats ventriloquism.
Paul Winchell

My puppets are far more liberated than I am. Ventriloquism is a useful way of expressing myself.
Nina Conti
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Ventriloquism Translations

ventriloquism in German is Bauchreden, Bauchredens
ventriloquism in Spanish is ventriloquia

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