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Definition of Valuing


  1. of Value

Valuing Quotations

Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.
Rollo May

Why are we not valuing the word 'feminism' when there is so much work to be done in terms of empowerment and emancipation of women everywhere?
Annie Lennox

The Puritans' sense of priorities in life was one of their greatest strengths. Putting God first and valuing everything else in relation to God was a recurrent Puritan theme.
Leland Ryken

Little girls are taught to be dependent, incapable of valuing themselves in many aspects of their daily lives.
Josefina Vazquez Mota

I try to write about a woman finding her self-respect, valuing herself, and liking herself again. But what one desperately wants now is to write a proper novel.
Kate O'Mara
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