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Definition of Vagabond


  1. Moving from place to place without a settled habitation; wandering.
  2. Floating about without any certain direction; driven to and fro.
  3. Being a vagabond; strolling and idle or vicious.
  4. One who wanders from place to place, having no fixed dwelling, or not abiding in it, and usually without the means of honest livelihood; a vagrant; a tramp; hence, a worthless person; a rascal.
  5. To play the vagabond; to wander like a vagabond; to stroll.

Vagabond Translations

vagabond in Dutch is zwerver, vagebond
vagabond in French is chemineau
vagabond in German is Strolch
vagabond in Italian is vagabondaggio
vagabond in Spanish is golondrino, errabundo